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From a strong background & interest in the field of Law, I somehow found myself randomly picking up a Canon DSLR. Starting out as an "every-once-in-a-while-I-take-a-shot" hobbyist, I soon realized that using this DSLR was more than just a way to past time. It became a passion. To me, photography is a work of raw and pure art.

I like being spontaneous & branching out with my work. I consider myself and my work to exhibit complexity. My goal is to to tell a story. More importantly, I want you to understand the fun I had shooting every pic.

You will usually find me doing weddings, events, and fashion. You'll usually see me in the bushes, and/or on top of a building or in the mud. I do what it takes to make that pic memorable. I'm always going to have fun with my photography. And I guarantee You'll always be one satisfied client.

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