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Why don't i use Instagram?

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

This is one of those often-asked questions where I have about 18 paragraphs worth of reasons but attempt to shorten them as much as possible. For starters, I love [some of] social media. Social Media has aided me greatly when it has come to meeting people, finding new and great restaurants, conflict resolution with authoritative and quasi-authoritative figures (i.e. local government, landlords, etc.). But…But…why aren’t I on “IG”, the most popular of them all, right? And the reason is because I hate what it has become, with a pure and unadulterated passion.

Instagram, in my opinion, is the most ill-treated, personality-altering and false competition-inducing platform there is. I tend to favor social media that serves an absolute & direct purpose like Yelp (food), 500px (photography professionals), OkCupid (love or sex), etc

Instagram was originally created for a GREAT reason: keeping in touch with friends and associates or, if you were a business, making money via promotion. This purpose has been shifted. Now, the purpose it mostly serves is to bolster the sureness, or lack thereof, of the weak-minded or attention-starved. Even for verified brands...

Most suicide victims dont make pre-suicide collages and captions. And they certainly don't get 70K likes on such announcement.

Your average Instagram user’s main objective is to obtain numbers—numbers that do not actually bring any true fruitfulness to his/her life. Their goal is to live for others, instead of themselves.

No longer can you go on a trip and focus solely on new sites, whether it be interesting monuments, people or restaurants. You are a perpetual "content provider" and must provide for your "fans".

If your average Instagram user loses a few followers or fails to get enough “likes’ on their picture then their day (or possibly, week) may be ruined. Some even go to the length of purchasing followers, which has trickled down into “engagement” (amount of following that interacts with your content) being analyzed when companies seek to do endorsement deals with those they perceive to have reached "influencer" status. What is even more comedic with these types, is the amount of leveraging power they believe they posses.

Someone with more followers than you feels better than you even if they are physically, mentally, and financially beneath you in the real world.

This didn't happen as it wasn't on "IG". I sadly only shared it with friends that i text or talk with on the phone.

Everyone plays their role as a cog. And should you choose not to be part of this matrix, you’re effectively rendered lifeless—you don’t exist. No, really you do not exist. If you had an Instagram and stopped posting, it is because you died. Maybe, You don’t have anything going on in your life. You aren’t traveling. You have no job. You haven’t found any love. You are lame. Why? Because “they” don’t see it. As for the things that are actually seen, you can only depend on 20% of it to be certified real. For example, I know of an individual who purchased scrubs from Amazon, went into a nearby hospital, took an abundance of pictures for “the gram”, spent the next 1-2 hours thinking of a faux-inspirational caption, and then finally posted it. SADLY, this is the tip of the iceberg.

I will get many detractors, naturally. The question then further develops into “Why not join a picture-based website if your job is to take pictures?”. My answer is because of pragmatism, aka "Success of Practical Application" and the fact that I don't care for popularity, all i really wanna see is the $$$. For MOST businesses, Instagram is in invaluable tool. You hear success stories of those who went from living in a studio apartment with their entire family to living in a castle, thanks to this platform. They were able to accomplish this because they had a product to be sold.

BUT, unlike other business owners, photographers (& models) only sell a niche service. The percentage of our Instagram “following” that actually utilizes our services, in a manner that is financially profitable, per month is between 0-5%. The average follower doesn’t even take the time to fully appreciate our work during their vertical hyper-speed-scroll-double-tap process. Our “likes” are mainly conducive to our level of being “lit”. The "likes" are not an indicator of actual success. The amount of time spent curating an Instagram, daily, vs what we get out of it makes it arguably pointless.

For those lucky enough to be noticed and requested by top shelf celebrities and agencies alike, it was probably very much worth it. But, with almost equivalent odds, I rather attempt sports or music. I may sound like a grandpa, but I do wish we went back to the pre-Instagram days. As if photographers & models weren’t thriving before it? If anything, they were making MORE money before it. So...My Instagram does exists but yeah... There are many effective SEO marketing tools at our disposal, outside of Instagram, to reach clients that will actually put $$$ in our pocket.

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